Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Virginia's 35th District - Stop Esam Omeish

This is a group for Virginia 35th District Campaign Events challenging Esam Omeish, former president of the Muslim American Society (MAS), who has stated that the Islamic supremacist Muslim Brotherhood has been instrumental in defining his views on human rights and justice. Esam Omeish is running for Virginia's 35th District House of Delegate office -- the Virginia Democratic Primary election is scheduled for Tuesday, June 9. In Virginia primaries, both Democrats and Republicans can vote in such a primary, and we encourage bipartisan voting to show the people of the 35th district that we reject supremacism.

We challenge Esam Omeish because of his documented and continued support of the Islamic supremacist Muslim Brotherhood organization, not because of his identity as an American Muslim. We would do so also if Esam Omeish had a history of supporting white supremacism or any other ideology inimical to the universal human rights of equality and liberty. For example, if Esam Omeish had repeatedly stated in print and in public that a white supremacist organization had influenced his values on human rights and justice, we would have the same concerns.