Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Straw Poll Shows Omeish in Third Place Out of 4 Candidates

LeftoftheHill Blog reports on a New Straw Poll that shows Esam Omeish in Third Place Out of 4 Democratic Candidates for the 35th District at Democratic Committee's annual MayFest fundraiser.

"Mark Keam Wins Straw Poll in 35th District House of Delegates Race"
"In the race to replace Steve Shannon as the Delegate from the 35th District, there was a straw poll among the Democratic candidates at the Providence District Democratic Committee's annual MayFest fundraiser. The results of the straw poll were as follows:"

"Mark Keam 69%"
"John Carroll 15%"
"Esam Omeish 8%"
"Roy Baldwin 8%"

"There's always going to be some question about how reliable straw polls actually are, but I think there are a few trends here that are worth noting. Mark Keam ran away with this poll receiving twice as many votes as the rest of the field combined and four times as many votes as his nearest competitor. This seems to suggest that Mark's campaign was extremely well organized when it came to turning out supporters to this event. That would go along with the fact that Mark is well known among Democratic activists for the work that he's done in the Providence District for Obama and other candidates."

"Of course with polls still showing that many likely primary voters are still undecided in the statewide campaigns that have been receiving attention from the press, this House of Delegates primary is still anyone's race to win. As it stands now, this straw poll is one example of how Mark Keam's campaign is organizing it's supporters in the final stretch. If he's going to win on June 9th, that organizing is going to need to continue and transform into people knocking on doors and making phone calls."